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What was your motivation to start your company?

Marlon wasn’t exactly the most patient child in the world and, when we discovered the beacon technology, he came up with the idea at the age of 14 to digitize the restaurant order & payment process so that he would be able to place orders and pay for the bill using his smartphone.

What have been your biggest achievements so far with the company?

Our biggest achievements so far have been to secure the commitments of major restaurant and hotel operators, such as Not guilty, Mövenpick, SBB, Seven Group as well as several international catering companies. Also, we are proud that we have become the preferred partner for a host of different providers to the restaurant and hotel sector, including POS system providers, payment providers and other technology companies.

What has been the greatest challenge with building your business?

The greatest challenge has been to convince traditional full-service restaurant operators that the MENU solution provides substantial additional benefits for their operation and, most of all to their guests, as the application avoids service waiting times and, therefore, offers a better and more convenient dining experience.

As a new business, how do you get clients to trust you?

We position ourselves as a long-term and trusted partner to our customers by being in constant dialogue to gather feedback and to provide around-the-clock support and service. Moreover, we partner with other trusted providers to the gastronomy sector, who promote MENU as a trusted partner.

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